Why Buy from Us

We are dedicated to providing our clients with an exceptional selection of top brand equipment, market expertise, and the best package prices available, essentially providing a 'turn-key' solution for any club owner. Making the start-up process as painless, and as affordable as possible.

REASON #1 We Only Offer the Highest Quality Products

Whether it be flooring, fitness equipment, or training accessories, We only offer the highest quality products and brands available. Our knowledgeable and courteous staff will always set aside whatever time is needed to research the best products to be used for your business model, ensure you are provided with the proper flooring, & assist in the layout and logistics of your facility, and discuss many flexible payment options with you.

But it doesn't end there - we will contact you after your shipment is in route with your tracking information and any special instructions you may need to receive and install your purchase from us.

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REASON #2 Our Zebra Mats Flooring Beats the Competition

Source of the Data

Cornell Test Results
Roll‑Out Zebra Mat
Cycles 5000 5000
Support Firmness (5/16”-3/16”) - lbs 67 88
Percent Change -22.1% 3.5%
Cumulated Dimple 1/16 inches 3 3

Evaluating Durability

The testing company systematically pounded mats for 5,000 cycles with a ram-head adjusted to replicate a 200-lb. load. Measurements were taken every thousand cycles to determine percentage change in the firmness of the mat. As the report explained, “A negative change indicates a softening of the mat”

  • After 5,000 cycles, the roll-out measured a -22.1% Cange.
  • The Zebra Pro Series™ MMA Mat measured a +3.5% change.


The Zebra MMA Mat maintained its firmness/integrity more than 5 times longer than the roll-out mat.

REASON #3 Superior Technology & Manufacturing Of Zebra Mats Flooring

Assessing the Safety of the Two Mats

A metal head form, simulating the size and weight of an athlete’s head, was dropped from a height of 6 feet onto the Zebra and roll-out mats. During each drop, an accelerometer measured peak G-Force. The lower the peak G-Force, the more energy the mat absorbed and the less the head form bounced. Both attributes are key to an athlete’s safety.


The Zebra MMA Mat absorbed twice as much shock as the Roll-out mat.

Watch the Impact Testing Video

Source of Data

Environ Laboratories, LLC

In 6 tests, the roll-out mat measured an average of 514.5 Gs. The Zebra MMA Mat measured an average of 217.6 Gs.

REASON #4 Full Solution Package for clubs

Your One-Stop Shop

We supply all the necessary tools for our clients, allowing them to focus on their member's development from beginners into well conditioned athletes. Coast-to-coast, we provide service and after-sales support to facilities of all types and sizes. Our representatives are experts in their field, and work with each and every client to assess their needs, bringing innovative solutions while providing a quality of service that is unparalleled in the industry. We offer an exceptional selection of top brand commercial fitness equipment and sport conditioning products.

Our vast selection allows for the best full solution start up package pricing available anywhere. From Matting & Padding, Rings, Cages & Bag Racking, Sparring Accessories, to Athletic Training Products, Fitness Equipment and all types of Flooring, we have everything you need!

One of our proud customers took on the full solution

A to Z set-up services available

  • Full Construction
    Save on lease hold improvements below market value
  • Architectural drawing, layout planning, interior decorative and concept design services
    Available at a fraction of outside costs
  • Construction work consulting available
    We educate you on market pricing & make sure you are aware of what work needs to be completed to build your facility
  • Installation
    All flooring, equipment and matting
  • Consolidate all purchasing under one roof
    Taking the headache out of the start up phase. We take on the project management so that you can focus on marketing your business.
  • Save on back end business running costs
    Such as credit card processing fees
  • Marketing consulting
    Learn how to run proven fitness & martial arts programs through your facility that are guaranteed to make you money
  • Low interest leasing available
    For entire orders including freight and installation

Reason #5 Flexible Low Interest Leasing Option

We offer financing and lease programs to meet your business' budget, credit profile, and purchasing goals through our third party lender network. If you cannot purchase equipment outright, leasing allows you the flexibility of getting new equipment for your gym with a low monthly payment. Get the equipment you need now with payback terms as long as 72 months.

  • Cash Conservation
    In today’s business world cash flow is crucial. Business must use conventional financing for operating purposes rather than utilize their cash flow in depreciating equipment.
  • Tax Advantages
    Lease financing may be 100% tax deductible. While subject to revenue Canada guidelines your lease payments may be tax deductible.
  • Avoid Equipment Obsolescence
    Leasing makes it possible to have the most up to date equipment without tying up your capital and depreciating equipment over a long term.
  • Simplified Accounting
    A fixed payment allows you simple administration and accounting procedures.
  • Budget Management
    An operating budget may allow for a quick decision when acquiring equipment for lease when a capital budget does not.
  • Preserves Operating Capital and Credit Lines
    Lease financing enables you to acquire the equipment you need without tying up valuable credit lines. Companies can use their lines of
  • Customized Lease Programs
    Tailored lease programs can be customized to meet all of your clients needs (i.e. monthly payments, quarterly payments, balloon payments, etc.). This would be subject to credit approval!
  • Pay As You Profit
    The dollars generated by leasing your equipment, allow the equipment to pay for itself. The basic philosophy of leasing is to pay as you use. Leasing can provide you with profit generating equipment while leaving existing credit limits untouched.

First Capital Leasing Ltd
Tina Pillot - tina@firstcapitalleasing.ca
Suite 100, 1010 8th Ave. S.W. Calgary, Alberta T2P 1J2
Phone: (403) 255-5508 Fax: (403) 255-3476

For questions or more information about leasing, contact us today directly at 1-866-896-8565

Reason #6 Wholesale Accounts for custom gear & accessories

Ordering Process

Step 1 Select the Custom Gear that you want.

Step 2 Mix and Match any items you want.

Step 3 Send your order and high resolution designs together with size of each decoration and any pantone colours to info@trainingcampfitness.ca

Turnaround Time

Design Phase: 1 - 2 weeks depending on approvals

Sample Phase: 2 - 4 weeks from approval of designs

Production Phase: 6 - 8 weeks for delivery

Re-Orders: Approximately 6 weeks

For more information and pricing options

Please Call: 416-840-3365

Reason #7 Elite Athletes & Training Centres Worldwide Choose Us

MasterCard Centre, Journey to Excel

http://www.journeytoexcel.com/ | Toronto, Canada

Thank you for all your hard work in making our facility come to life. Great job!

- Bryan Marshall, Ontario Weightlifting Champion, Strength Coach, Journey to Excel

The MasterCard Centre, also known as the Practice Facility for the Toronto Maple Leafs. This facility was designed to not only train established elite athletes but also tomorrow's athletes who will one day make their mark in professional sports. There was an extreme time crunch when the boys from Journey came to us and asked for help setting up their facility. We told them with confidence "don't worry, we will figure out a way to get this done for you, and in your budget." 2 weeks later we pulled a rabbit out of the hat and somehow had the whole 8000sf facility complete! A very clean design that you can't help but feel good when you step foot into it.

Young or old, the Journey To Excel training centre was designed to help you reach your maximum potential in fitness and athletics, and we're proud to say we got to be a part of building it.

Renzo Gracie's Fight Academy

http://www.renzogracieacademy.com/ | Brooklyn, NY

"Best mats & great service!"

- Renzo Gracie, BJJ Black Belt, Renzo Gracie's Fight Academy

Renzo knew that being centrally located in New York, he would have a large amount of traffic continually flowing in and out of his club. He knew that he had to settle for nothing less than the best quality mats to ensure that his members were safe while training, but also would stand the test of time in a high traffic environment. Renzo sought Zebra out specifically as he knew we could match his quality standards as well as his design preferences. He needed a top end supplier that could match his particular brand style and design. He worked with us in great detail explaining how he wanted his members to feel inside his academy from the moment they walked in, to the moment they left after a hard night of training. We came up with a design and pattern that allowed him to maximize his floor space and run multiple classes at the same time without interrupting each other. The end result is one of the highest profit per square foot MMA Gyms in the country. needless to say Mr. Renzo Gracie is very happy and has used our services on multiple locations.

Matt Serra

Matt Serra

Former UFC Champion, 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt

Trains with the very best ZEBRA products

Matt Serra

Antonio Nogueira

UFC Veteran, 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt

Trains with the very best ZEBRA products

Matt Serra

Brock Lesnar

Former UFC Champion

Trains with the very best ZEBRA products

Matt Serra

Clay Guida

UFC Veteran

Trains with the very best ZEBRA products

Matt Serra

Cung Le

UFC Veteran, 1st Degree Tae Kwon Do Black Belt

Trains with the very best ZEBRA products

Matt Serra

Josh Koscheck

UFC Veteran, 4 Time NCAA Division 1 All American Wrestler,

Trains with the very best ZEBRA products

Matt Serra

Kenny Florian

Former UFC Veteran, 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt

Trains with the very best ZEBRA products

Matt Serra

Mark Munoz

UFC Veteran, BJJ Blackbelt

Trains with the very best ZEBRA products

Matt Serra

Randy Couture

Former 5 Time UFC Champion

Trains with the very best ZEBRA products

Matt Serra

Renzo Gracie

Former UFC Veteran, 6th Degree BJJ Black Belt, Judo Black Belt

Trains with the very best ZEBRA products

Matt Serra

Sean Sherk

Former UFC Champion

Trains with the very best ZEBRA products

Matt Serra

Urijah Faber

UFC Top Contender, Former WEC Champion

Trains with the very best ZEBRA products

Matt Serra

Mark Hominick

Canadian UFC Veteran

Trains with the very best ZEBRA products

Matt Serra

Rashad Evans

Former UFC Champion

Trains with the very best ZEBRA products